Party Bucket Deals!

Whether it be a Birthday Party, Lad’s night in, Girly sleepover or just to feed the Family – Supermac’s will fill those hungry tummies.


With our Party Bucket’s – there is something for everyone!

  • Get a Bucket of Wedges for €6.95
  • Bucket of Cocktail Sausages for €13.95 (approx 100 in a Bucket)
  • Bucket of Nuggets for €13.95 (Approx 42 Nuggets in a Bucket)
  • Bucket of Chicken Tenders for €19.95 (Approx 22 Chicken Tenders in a Bucket)



We also have FOUR different Party Box options available:

1) 1 box of wedges, 1 box of nuggets, 1 box of chicken tenders & 1 box of cocktail sausages for €55

2) 2 boxes of wedges & 2 boxes of chicken tenders for €55

3) 2 boxes of nuggets & 2 boxes of wedges for €45

4) 2 boxes of wedges & 2 boxes of cocktail sausages for €45

The customer can order any THREE sauces. Choose from: Sweet Chilli, BBQ, Ketchup, Garlic , Curry or Burger Sauce.


Call your local store to find out more!


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