Employee Referral Policy

Supermac’s Employee Referral Policy

A.     Purpose

Employees are the biggest strength of Supermac’s Ireland Ltd and this policy seeks to outline the guidelines for team members to become contributors to our continued growth.


This policy allows existing employees of Supermac’s Ireland Ltd to refer potential applicants for open job positions.


Supermac’s Ireland Ltd believes that its culture and workplace environment is best understood by its employee and they are suited to refer candidates who they feel match the requirements for open positions.


B.     Scope


The scope of our employee referral policy covers all full-time, part-time and probationary employees except members of the human resources department, area managers, store recruitment team and the board of directors. Any interns working with Supermac’s Ireland Ltd are eligible to be rewarded based on this policy.


C.     General Guidelines


●        Any referral for an open position does not constitute employment or a guarantee of employment and no such comment or promise should be made by the referrer to the referee.


●        For the referral to be valid, the following points must be adhered to:


o        The referred applicant must meet the qualifications and skill requirements of the position as outlined in the job description.

o        The referred applicant must not be a previous employee of Supermac’s Ireland Ltd

o        The referred applicant must not currently be involved in Supermac’s Ireland Ltd recruiting process.

o        The referred applicant should not apply to any job position in Supermac’s Ireland Ltd on their own.

o        There is no limit to the number of referrals which can be made by any employee in Supermac’s Ireland Ltd

o        The referrer should either go online to: supermacs.ie/referafriend and click on the refer a friend tab in the career section to complete the application

o        Or the Referrer should bring in the referal’s cv to the store manager and complete the attached application.

o        Employees are required to only refer passionate and talented people who meet the experience and skill requirements outlined in the role job description.

o        Once the referral has been passed onto the Human Resources team, the candidate will go through Supermac’s Ireland Ltd’s standard recruitment process.

o        If the referral  is hired by Supermac’s Ireland Ltd the referrer employee will be eligible for an award as listed  below:

o        €100 to be credited in two instalments: €50 award after the referral has been hired and completed the first month and €50 after the referral has been working with us for 6 months.

o        The referral awards will be included in the employee’s paycheck on the payday after each award milestone.


D: Agreement

This policy is a clear and concise document on all attendance policies in and will be maintained on a regular basis. The ‘Refer a Friend’ award terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and Supermac’s Ireland Ltd has the right to refuse any award if we feel it doesn’t qualify. Any queries regarding this can be directed to the human resources department.


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