Corporate & Party

At Supermac’s, we’re all about injecting fun into every bite and turning both your corporate gatherings and parties into epic food fests! Our menu is a playground of flavors, offering everything from succulent 100% fresh Irish chicken tenders to golden wedges, tantalizing pizzas, 100% Irish Beef Burgers and much much more – all guaranteed to tickle your taste buds and add that extra pizzazz to your event. We’re not just about variety; we’re about including everyone in the delicious fun, with gluten-free options available at selected Supermacs store’s with Supersubs. Whether it’s elevating your office event or powering up your party, Supermac’s brings the zest, the taste, and the unforgettable experience. Ready for a taste of fun? Let Supermac’s take your event from just another day at the office to an all-out feast that will have your team buzzing or your party guests dancing with delight. Get in touch today @ Supermac’s – where great food meets great times!


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