Chicken Breast Sandwich with Bacon & Cheddar

The limited-edition Chicken Breast Sandwich with Bacon and Cheese is back at Supermac’s. The fresh chicken breasts are supplied by Irish farmers and the Irish bacon is produced in Tipperary. The lettuce is supplied by Curley’s Fresh Food in Castlegar, Co Galway and it’s served in a Kaiser Bun supplied by our Irish bakers.

At Supermac’s, we only serve 100% fresh, never frozen, Irish chicken and that’s why we believe it’s the best in the business. Each fresh, never frozen, Irish chicken sandwich is made to order, so the chicken doesn’t touch the grill until you order it. Frozen meat loses moisture and when you lose moisture, you lose flavour. So, fresh is best! There is absolutely no doubt that you can taste the difference.

The sandwich is part of the Fresh Chicken Range of sandwiches which includes the Fresh Chicken Breast Sandwich, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Tenders and of course, the world-famous Snack Box.

This is how we have been supporting hundreds of Irish farm families for over 40 years. “Our customers decide what we put on our menus,” Supermac’s MD Pat McDonagh said. “Our Chicken Breast Sandwich is the best in the business and when our customers wanted fresh, 100% Irish chicken and pork, we delivered and this is what sets us apart,” he said.

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