Supermac’s to open branch in Copper Face Jacks

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Supermac’s to open branch in Copper Face Jacks

Supermac’s is proud to announce the opening of a new branch in one of Ireland’s most popular nightclubs, Copper Face Jacks. The new outlet will be located in the Premium Bar area of the nightclub.

The move will see an inhouse Supermac’s serving its renowned menu favourites such as the 5oz Fresh Beef Burger and Snack Box in the famous Dublin hotspot, which proves popular with huge numbers of revellers each and every night. A conservative estimate made by both partners in the ‘Copper Face Supermac’s’ venture put the partnership at worth over €10 million per year.

“It makes sense that two much loved Irish brands such as Supermac’s and Copper Face Jacks should combine” says Supermac’s Founder Pat McDonagh. “It’s often been said that Supermac’s is the best club after the nightclub, so why not locate one within the most famous nightclub in the country. I myself have often tried to get into Coppers and at my age this is the only way they’ll allow me in”.

Starting tonight, nightclubbers will be able to tuck into a Smokey Bacon Burger without ever leaving the dance floor.


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Owner of Copper Face Jacks Cathal Jackson says “We are delighted with the idea that Copper Face Jacks and Supermac’s are joining forces. Just last week I was asked by a Guard from Clare in the nightclub ‘Where is the nearest Supermac’s?’ Now, we will only have to point customers towards the Supermac’s branch in our Premium Bar where they can end their night the ‘traditional Irish way’!!”

Drink awareness groups have also championed the initiative, stating that Supermac’s is ideal for people looking to line their stomachs during the night’s festivities. A new 7 ½ oz Supermac’s Fresh Beef Burger with an additional bun for extra soakage has been introduced which is exclusive to the ‘Copper Face Supermac’s’ menu.

In further good news, patrons of ‘Copper Face Supermac’s’ will be able to buy heavily discounted ‘entry & meal’ deals, with holders of the mythical Coppers Gold Card entitled to one free Curry Cheese Chips per night, which McDonagh claims will “almost guarantee them the shift”.

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