At Supermac’s, we are passionate about our ice cream for many reasons. The first is the 100 percent Irish milk from Lakeland Dairies and the other is the secret recipe that is used to make the ice cream so creamy and tasty.

“The secret is in the mix,” Mr McDonagh revealed. “The ratio of fresh cream to fresh milk is why our ice cream tastes as good as it does. We have worked hard at understanding what it is our customers want and when we find out we work hard at giving it to them. The mix that Lakeland Dairies provides is unique to our restaurants and it is made using the highest quality milk from grass fed cows that have the opportunity to graze for up to 300 days a year.”

Supermac’s Ice Cream & Moozie range

Delicious 100% Irish Dairy Ice Cream is available in all of our Restaurants.

A delicious vanilla ice cream served in a crispy cone with or without a flake!

A delicious tub of vanilla ice cream topped with you choice of strawberry, caramel or chocolate sauce

A mini tub of vanilla ice cream layered with you choice of strawberry, caramel or chocolate sauce, topped with sprinkles and a flake

Vanilla ice cream topped with your choice of Cadbury Buttons, Cadbury Carmel Nibbles, Maltesers, Nestle Mint Aero or Rolo.

A delicious chocolate or blueberry muffin topped with vanilla ice cream. Everyone recommends this delectable creation!

A giant cookie, delicious on its own or with a hot beverage, choose from triple choc chunk chip or white choc chunk & raspberry


Our Moozie range is available in selected locations.

All of our desserts are made using 100% Irish milk ice cream from Lakeland Dairies



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