Jingle Competition Terms and Conditions


  1. Each entry must include the following:
    1. Completed entry form
    2. Files in digital format will be accepted
    3. Videos via Youtube link
  2. All genres of music will be accepted.
  3. The entry cannot be owned in any part by a third party. The entrant in submitting the entry asserts that the entrant has sole or co-ownership to lawfully make such entry (entrant must own 100% of the publishing rights to the song).
  4. All entries submitted must be original and shall not infringe third party copyright or any other third party rights. Entries may have multiple co-writers, but only one name should be designated as the Entrant on the entry form.
  5. The competition is open to all amateur and professional songwriters and anyone regardless of nationality or background.
  6. Supermac’s reserves the sole and exclusive discretionary right to extend or restrict the entry deadline period.
  7. Due to the high level of anticipated entries If you would like to contact or make alterations to your entry befor ethe closing date please contact Supermac’s at info@supermacs.ie
  8. Entries will be screened by a Supermac’s listening committee who will select the finalists, and the finalists will be sent to the judges who will select the winners. Songs are judged equally on melody, composition, originality, and lyrics (when applicable). All prizes will be awarded to the name as it appears on the entry form, and division of prizes among co-authors is the responsibility of winners. Entrant agrees to accept the final decision of Supermac’s and its judges.
  9. A shortlist for the public vote will be announced in June 2017. Supermac’s will post all results on its website and will notify entrants by email. Entrant is responsible for providing up-to-date and correct email addresses to Supermac’s. Supermac’s is not responsible for entrant’s non-receipt of any Supermac’s emails for any reason, including but not limited to, server or email malfunctions.
  10. The announcement of the public vote will be made following the completion of the competition.
  11. Supermac’s will use its best efforts to announce the winners at the designated time, but will not be held liable for any unforeseen delays. Winners will be notified by email, by phone or in person. Winners may be required to sign an affidavit confirming that winner’s song is original and he/she holds rights to the song. Failure or delay in signing and returning the form or Affidavit within a specified time period or provision of false information may result in the disqualification and an alternate winner being selected. Affidavits are subject to verification by Supermac’s.
  12. Entry constitutes permission to use winner’s name, likeness, image and voice for future advertising and publicity purposes without additional compensation. The winning entrant agrees to unequivocally transfer all rights associated with the winning jingle royalty-free to Supermac’s for use in all media and perpetual use and without any licence, charge or other form of payment accruing therefrom.
  13. Entrant agrees that should his/her jingles(s) be selected as a winner, Supermac’s shall have the right to use the shortlisted jingle(s) for any and all promotional and/or related purposes.
  14. Entrant acknowledges that all songs entered may be distributed to judges who will be selecting the winners, and Entrant agrees to release, indemnify, and hold Supermac’s, its sponsors, and judges harmless for liability, damages, or claims for injury or loss to any person or property relating to, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, participation in campaign.
  15. By entering Supermac’s Jingle Competition, entrants and/or their parents or legal guardian (if such entrant is a minor) agree to accept and be bound by the decisions of Supermac’s and its judges which are final and binding in all matters. Entrant agrees to be bound by all terms of these official Supermac’s Terms & Conditions as established herein.
  16. Cash prize of €1,000 will be issued to the name on the entry form only. It is the responsibility of the winning entry to dispense  winning accordingly in the event of a band/choir winning.
  17. Windmill Lane Studio recording is subject to availability. Whilst ever effort will be made to accommodate all parties with suitable date(s); the recording session is limited to date availability.  Windmill Lane Studio terms and conditions for use of studio also applies.
  18. If and whenever required to do so, whether during or after the competition, the entrant shall, at the request and expense of Supermac’s, do all things necessary, to execute such deeds and documents and provide all such assistance as Supermac’s shall require to enable Supermac’s to obtain and maintain the benefit of all Intellectual Property Rights and the entrant  acknowledges that he/she shall not be entitled to any compensation in respect of the performance of his/her obligations hereunder.
  19. The entrant also agrees, to waive and hereby does waive any and all moral rights he or she has or may have in any copyright work in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000, as amended.
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