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We are hungry for more talent, at Supermac’s Ireland Ltd we believe employees are our biggest strength.

We want you our awesome existing employees of Supermac’s Ireland Ltd to refer potential applicants for open job positions. Supermac’s Ireland Ltd believes that its culture and workplace environment is best understood by its employee and they are suited to refer candidates who they feel match the requirements for open positions.


We’d like to extend that happiness to you through our referral programme. This programme recognises and rewards the role you have to play in helping us place candidates in their ideal position.

That’s why when you successfully refer a friend or family to us we will reward you up to €100 (£100 in our NI based stores) – making you, us, and them very happy indeed.

To refer a friend or family to us simply complete and submit the application below.

Terms and conditions apply – please click here to review in full

Referral process starts here…  

    1) The referred applicant has the necessary skills and qualifications as outlined in the job description

    2) I have the acceptance of the referred applicant to submit their resume and cover letter to Supermac’s Ireland Ltd for the stated position

    3) The referred candidate is aware that this referral does not guarantee an interview or employment.

    4) The referred candidate’s CV and cover letter are attached to this form

    Please upload Applicant CV:

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