Sinead Bradbury Assesses SuperSubs ‘Food4Life’ Range

We are so proud of our brand new Food4Life range at SuperSubs that we brought in leading nutritionist Sinead Bradbury to assess it.

Sinead Bradbury is a qualified Nutritional Therapist with a special interest in optimising health.

Sinead has a particular interest in diet and lifestyle choices and how an understanding of food and its impact on the body is the key to health and wellbeing.

Through extensive clinical practice and workshops in the community and workplace she has developed programmes to educate and simplify what it means to take proper care of our bodies so you can get on with living a healthy and productive life.

She has worked extensively with sports and corporate organisations as well as schools, colleges and media outlets.

Sinead said; “Three areas you need to think about when it comes to creating the perfect salad: Taste, Nutrient Content and Satisfaction. SuperSubs have got it just right with their Food4Life Light Salad Boxes. The boxes are brimful with nutrient dense, delicious fresh ingredients.”

Stayed tuned to the SuperSubs Facebook for loads of upcoming pieces where Sinead gives an insight into the benefits of the products and ingredients in the Food4Life Range.


Sinead Bradbury with the Light Salad Box from the Food4Life Range at SuperSubs.


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