Supermac’s Limited Edition Festive 5oz Burger is Back!


Was it possible to improve on the deliciously popular 5oz burger from Supermac’s? No way I hear you say. That would be sacrilicious! The combination of Fresh Never Frozen Prime Irish beef served on a freshly baked Kaiser bun has been a great success since the guys at Supermac’s introduced this bundle of taste a few years ago. ‘It Fuels the Tank!’ they told us and they gave us the Tullow Tank, Seán O’Brien to drive the message home. I was easier to get over the line than the great man coming off the back of a scrum to score under the posts in the Aviva. What wasn’t there to like?


Fresh Prime Irish Beef? Check!

Pickles, Lettuce and Tomatoes? Check!

Irish Cheese? Check!

A Fresh Bun? Check!

And to top it all off Supermac’s Famous Burger Sauce? Checkidycheck!!


So when Supermac’s decided last year to give us the Festive 5oz as a variation of Ireland’s favourite burger I wondered if it was possible to get it right again. The Supermac’s Festive 5oz Beef Burger made its début last year and due to popular demand, its back. Double stacked fresh beef burgers topped with caramelised mushroom and onion, a slice of swiss cheese and light peppercorn mayo. It’s cooked to order and served in a freshly baked Kaiser Bun.


This mouth-watering burger is juicy and packed with flavour.  It’s made with fresh 100% Irish Beef.  By fresh they mean, never frozen.  They cook each and every 5oz Beef burger specially for each one of their customers. When you freeze a burger it loses moisture and when it loses moisture it loses taste. And this is a tasty burger. It forms part of the Festive menu at Supermac’s and you’ll be happy to know there isn’t a turkey or cranberry in sight! You will want to indulge in their Double Chocolate Chip Hot Muffin served with soft serve Irish Ice Cream. This little beauty has been described as the unofficial national dessert.  You’re getting everything you need dessert wise in one bowl.

Was it possible to improve on the original 5oz? Nope! When something is that good there’s no point. But the Festive 5oz is just as good and tasty. It will more than satisfy beef burger lover out there. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Why not order your Supermac’s in our recently launched its Supermac’s App, now it is even easier than ever to order the countries favourite burgers.

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