Supermac’s now served on Irish flights

You asked for it and we have delivered. You told us that one of the 1st things you wanted to do when you came home to Ireland from teaching in Abu Dhabi or backpacking in Australia or on a J1 in Boston was to have a Supermac’s! Amongst others, you wanted the Snack Box, the Taco Fries, the Chicken Breast Sandwich, the 5oz and, of course, the Garlic Cheese Chips. So, we are delighted to announce that a selection of Supermac’s will now be served on all international Irish flights.
Enjoy one last taste of home before you head off on your next adventure, or when you just can’t wait until you land back on Irish soil!
It’s our little way to say ‘You’re Coming Home! Fáilte Abhaile!’
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